tempobet.site is the information websitesite of Tempobet.

Tempobet official website is tempobet.com


This betting site is a world-famous and popular betting site licensed in Malta with a UK location. Advertising is carried out by almost all major teams and there are sponsorship agreements (for example, Arsenal sponsorship)


It’s easy to become a member. First, we log in to the latest new address of the betting site from the link below.

In the upper-right corner there is the Register button, we click on it. A registration page will appear as follows. Let’s fill it out correctly, otherwise we will prevent problems in the future ( password loss, forgetting, etc.). After entering all the information correctly, let’s finish our transaction and our membership is ready, now you can bet.



The options for depositing on the betting site are quite large. First let’s see what options are available;



Deposit with Papara

With papara, one of my favorite deposit methods, you can invest at least 100 TL at a time and up to 10,000 TL. This method usually works as follows.

After entering the amount, you will see the Papara payment page. After entering your papara number under name and surname, the information of the person you will pay is displayed there. Enter your Papara account and send the amount to the person who appears on the screen, and then click on the paid link. In a few seconds, your money will be reflected in your account.

Let’s tell it in pictures so that you can fully and fully understand it.

1-information: as you can see in the picture below, you must enter your own information in the places in the table below. After entering, press Continue button


2-account information : after pressing the Continue button, you encounter 2. the page will come out. On this page, the name, surname and account number of the person to whom you will send money from your papara account will appear. Send the amount from the Papara and after completing the transaction, click the I paid button.


3-confirmation : after your deposit application has been completed, just wait by clicking on the Continue button or switch to the home page without closing this page. Your money will be in your account in a few seconds.


Cryptocurrency deposit

With cryptocurrency management, you can easily raise money to your account. Choose one of the cryptocurrency managements and proceed ( Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin )


Among these methods, I chose Bitcoin as an example and continued. Copy the quantity and BTC address and send it from your account. After the payment is processed, press Continue on the payment page.


Deposit immediately by wire transfer

You can make an instant transfer to your account using the Tempobet instant transfer method. You can access the bank information on this tab and complete your transaction through your preferred bank.

Deposit with Cepbank

With cepbank to tempobet, you can currently make cepbank investment transactions with 5 banks.

İş bankası, Garanti, Akbank, Yapıkredi, Denizbank

When sending money, you will see a screen like this;

  • After choosing the bank
  • Sender mobile number
  • Buyer’s mobile number
  • Receiver TC no
  • Date of birth of the buyer (in some banks this is not very important, but enter it anyway.)
  • Recipient ID type
  • Password reference from your phone
  • Amount

After you fill them out and send them, your money will be uploaded to your account.


Deposit with QR code (karekod)

Depositing money with Tempobet QR code is quite simple. After entering the amount you want to deposit, you will see a screen with banks. You can proceed automatically by selecting the bank.


Deposit with Ecopayz

You can easily deposit money into your Tempobet account with Ecopayz. Ecopayz account you can create an Ecopayz account here.

Deposit with coin wallet

This method is usually one of the methods I use to withdraw money. You can use this method for shooting large amounts, but first deposit some money from this account. You can access the coin wallet site here. If you can’t access the site, it’s probably blocked. So I would recommend downloading the mobile app. You can easily download it from the Play Store or Apple Store. I’ll address this in the extra withdrawal section.

Deposit with Paykasa

Paykasa is a type of virtual card. You can install with the one-time codes provided to you. More detailed information about Paykasa can be found here. There are plenty of Paykasa-selling sites on the internet.

Deposit with Astropay card

Investing money with Astropay is again quite simple. To create an Astropay card, I recommend downloading the Astropay app to your phone. You can get Astropay card by debit or credit card.


Other Deposit Methods

Paykwik: a type of virtual card. There are sites on the internet that sell Paykwik.

Token Card: a token is a type of virtual card that you can create with your wallet account.

Cashixir : this is also a kind of virtual card. Again, in the same way, you can find a site that sells a lot on the internet.


Tempobet withdrawal methods can be listed as follows.


Bank Transfer Bank Transfer

You can withdraw the amount you want to withdraw by bank transfer method. It normally takes 1 day, but the given time is 3 working days.

Withdrawals with Ecopayz

You can withdraw money earned to your Ecopayz account within minutes.

Coin wallet withdrawals

Coin wallet is one of my preferred withdrawal methods. Here you can transfer the money you withdraw to your Bitcoin account. My advice is to open a bitcoin account if you don’t have one. BTCTurk is the best site for this I would say.

Withdrawals with Astropay

You can withdraw the amount you earned to your Astropay account. If you don’t have an Astropay account, you can register by downloading it from mobile apps.

Withdrawals with Paykasa

Paykasa is a little laborious. If you can easily cash your Paykasa card, it is one of the recommended methods.

Withdrawals with Papara

It’s one of the best methods. You can easily withdraw the amounts you have earned to your Papara account at any time.

I Can’t Get Into My Account

If you can’t log in to your Tempobet account, you have either been redirected to the wrong site, The Last site address you entered has been blocked, or you have forgotten your password.

Considering these possibilities

Possibility: you were redirected to the wrong site. If you have logged in to the wrong site, log in to the most current address of the Tempobet betting site from the links we provide in the washarida or below and renew your password.
possibility: if the Site address is blocked, you can log in to the latest site directly from the links we provide.
possibility: if you forgot your password, request a new password.



Tempobet betting site is the best betting site you can trust. It is both reliable and very strict in terms of security. It is a famous betting site around the world, not an established site on foot like other stairs. Sponsorship deals are available with leagues and teams such as Arsenal Liverpool of the Spanish league. No matter how much you earn, you can easily withdraw your money. It is the richest betting site in terms of Finance. No one’s money will stay inside, you can be sure. Be sure to enter the actual site when logging into the Tempobet betting site. We usually recommend that you enter through our site.

Here you can quickly and unhindered login to the latest address of the Tempobet betting site.

How Many Entries Were

You can access the latest address of the Tempobet betting site in a secure way directly and quickly without obstacles through the links we provide on our site. Usually the site addresses of the Tempobet betting site are as follows.

Football extensions included?

This depends on the situation. Extensions of all matches in competitions such as football, basketball, handball or volleyball are included in the bet you are playing, but be careful that there is an option to include extensions when betting.

Finance Cancelled

If Tempobet canceled the money you were trying to withdraw, contact the customer representative to ask why it was canceled.

Finance Cancelled

For your safety, with exceptions, Tempobet requests documents. This is entirely because of your safety. In order to prevent your account from being stolen, these documents you send will help you solve all your problems easily.

Postponed or cancelled matches

The rule of the Tempobet betting site is that postponed matches are completed by multiplying that bet by 1.00 if they are not played within 24 hours. In other words, if you have a 5-match coupon, the rate of the postponed match will be 1.00, if you made a single match, your money will be refunded.

If you made a live bet and the match was interrupted and cancelled, official status or result information about the match is expected by the service provider. This, in turn, usually takes 24 hours to achieve the full result.

Verification Code

After logging into the tempobet betting site, it sends a verification code to your mobile phone. This code is for you to log in safely to the site. If you don’t want a message to come to your phone, let me talk about another method that I use for you and for you.

Google 2-Step Verification ( Google Authenticator)

With this application, you maximize your Tempobet security. Let me tell you how it’s done. First, log in to your Tempobet account.

> My Account > Two-Step Verification

After entering here, you can specify which way to use it. If it does not cause problems, I recommend that you check each access option if it does not tire you to constantly enter.

  • All Access
  • When Withdrawing Money
  • First Bet
  • At casinos and games


First, I would like to point out that Tempobet does not give a trial bonus. Bonuses which you can take it outside;

  • EcoPayz 5% Deposit Bonus
    15% Deposit Bonus On Prepaid Cards


The mobile page of the Tempobet betting site is quite stylish and convenient. You can see the sample pictures below.

Please do not forget to use the login links on our site to log in mobile. Again, in the same way, Tempobet does not open, Tempobet why I can not log in, Tempobet is blocked in response to your questions, such as links on our site are especially recommended to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tempobet apk is a mobile application used for iOS and android.

Address, domain name and extension that allows you to log in to the betting site. It usually ends with com and passes tempobet in the address.

Android, Samsung, Htc, Huawei, Xiaomi, such as the operating systems used by phone brands can be downloaded via Google Play application.

Tempobet infrastructure is an office with a Curacao license, and the software it uses is software that they produce themselves.

The App is Tempobet’s mobile app. Ios and android market so you can download via Play Store.

Lower limit, information about withdrawal and deposit limits can also be found at the links.

The recipient’s phone number is the phone number required for cepbank transactions. For the code to come to this number, you must have a relative.

You can send your ID by following the steps of upload document, my account > upload document > select file from computer.

He wanted a document, if he wanted it, you should send it, don’t doubt it, because it has one of the most reliable infrastructure in the world.

This process takes place to secure your account, why you want the document. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get help with issues such as password theft.

If it sank, No, it’s not, I don’t think it’s going to sink. Because it is one of the most powerful financial companies in the world.

Dealership, after you log in to your account, you can see the dealership menu on the far left. Sometimes this menu may not appear systematically in your account. Affiliate to the end of the address if you encounter such situations.add html will open. for example ; tempobet.com/affiliate.html

Betting exchange is an option I expect them to be and do. I can tell you it’s not available right now, or I’d say go in and check it out. Because they may have added it after this article.

Similar sites don’t exist at the moment. Because these infrastructures are completely their own, and you can’t see this software on another site.

I advise you not to open more than one account, otherwise they can close your accounts according to the rules when they establish a connection between 2 accounts.